• Soap Nut shells are 100% pure and natural 
  • Easy to use and most importantly, effective. 
  • Economical. 
  • Non allergenic.
  • Wild harvested (organic)  
  • Biodegradable 
  • How would you like a 100% natural cleaner that grows wild. 
  • Has been used for centuries in India, Africa, China and Nepal.
  • On supermarket shelves in Europe and it's cheaper than chemical alternatives.
  • Simply place a few of these amazing soapnut shells into our small wash bag which come in the pack and throw them into your washing machine.They will leave your laundry clean and fresh for around 4-5 washes before changing them, no need for any other cleansers or fabric softeners.
  • Throw spent soapnut shells into the compost.

Soap Nuts 100grams


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    All Good Bags is a small business providing handmade products to try and reuse, recycle and reduce waste,

    eliminate single use plastic and provide useful practical alternatives. 

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