Set of 3 - approx 8-9cm diameter

Wool is a natural fabric softener, add all 3 balls to your dryer to reduce static, dry clothes faster and reduce wrinkles.

The balls work by the wool pulling the moisture from laundry and releasing it slowly, this reduces your drying time and avoids static by not over drying laundry.

No need for dryer sheets and can last for years.

Add a few drops of essential oil (let dry) and add for a scented finish.

Balls are now packaged in calico drawstring bag - reuse as a produce bag, laundry bag, storage bag or even simple gift bag.

Dryer Balls

  • 100% Wool,  handmade from upcycled woollen blankets and New Zealand Corridale Wool.



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All Good Bags is a small business providing handmade products to try and reuse, recycle and reduce waste,

eliminate single use plastic and provide useful practical alternatives. 

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